Housing stress analysis

Hydraulics: Coverage Window

Gearbox Spec

PowerUp to 1000 kW
Speed Range9000 Up to 18000 (Up to 31000, In Compressors)
Helical Gears, Single Pinion, Optimally designed to Reduce vibrations
Stable Shaft Rotordynamics, G1.0 Balance quality
Maximum Reliability; Minimum number of Rotating Parts and Bearings
Housing: Low CS., Welded, Double stress relieved
Pressurized Lubrication System
5 Years Guaranteed Continuous operation. As per API

Main Applications

Urea Production

  • Carbamate Recycle
  • Ammonia Injection


  • Resin Charge
  • LPG Pipeline
  • Transfer Service
  • PTA Slurry
  • Reactor Charge

Oil Production

  • Water Injection
  • LPG Injection
  • Chemical Injection
  • Liquid CO2 Injection


  • High Pressure Spray
  • Waste Water Disposal
  • Boiler Feed

Key Features

  • Centrifugal Design; A high performance alternative to positive displacement and multistage pumps
  • Compact Design; Low Component Weight & Small footprint for installation
  • Open Hydraulics; Ideal for Slurry applications, No wear Rings, No Impeller clearance to set, Easy assembly
  • Flexible Hydraulics; Up to Three Stages (1 Low Speed + 2 High Speed Stage).
  • Best Choice for Low NPSH-High Head Applications
  • Engineered Package, custom tailored for specific process requirements


  • Reliability for High Head-Low Flow
  • Smooth, Non-Pulsating Flow
  • Flexibility, Re-rating
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Compact, Small footprint,
  • Few Rotating & Tribological Parts
  • Very Low NPSH Applications
  • Open Hydraulics