Horizontally high speed integrally geared pump

Pump casing and Structure stress analysis

Gearbox Spec

PowerUp to 400 kW
Speed Range9000 Up to 24000 (Up to 34000, In Compressors)
Helical Gears; Optimally designed to Reduce vibrations
Stable Shaft Rotor dynamics; G1.0 Balance quality
Maximum Reliability; Minimum number of Rotating Parts and Bearings
Pressurized Lubrication System
3 Years Guaranteed Continuous operation

Main Applications

Urea Production

  • Carbamate Recycle
  • Ammonia Injection


  • Resin Charge
  • LPG Pipeline
  • Transfer Service
  • PTA Slurry
  • Reactor Charge

Oil Production

  • Water Injection
  • LPG Injection
  • Chemical Injection
  • Liquid CO2 Injection


  • High Pressure Spray
  • Waste Water Disposal
  • Boiler Feed

Key Features

  • Ease to installation, maintenance and accessibility to electromotor and external accessories.
  • Different set of suction and discharge nozzle (end-top, top-top, side-side).
  • No need to electromotor stand.
  • Centrifugal Design; A high performance alternative to multistage pumps
  • Compact Design; Low Component Weight & Small footprint for installation
  • Open Hydraulics; Ideal for Slurry applications, No wear Rings, No Impeller clearance to set, Easy assembly
  • Best Choice for Low NPSH-High Head Applications
  • Engineered Package, custom tailored for specific process requirements
  • NPSHR decrement by means of uniform streamline flow at suction side of the pump.


  • Reliability for High Head-Low Flow
  • Smooth, Non-Pulsating Flow
  • Flexibility, Re-rating
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Few Rotating & Tribological Parts
  • Very Low NPSH Applications
  • Open Hydraulics