Krone Industriell (GmbH) operates as a knowledge-based company within the scope of manufacturing, supplying and technical and engineering services required in Industrial pumps, Refinery and Petrochemical Industries and is located in Germany (Berlin).

  • Research & Development (R&D)

R&D unit of Krone Industriell (GmbH) relied upon its specialists and its professional advisors can analyze different related subjects of the company and afterwards propose the best solution to them. It gets help from various professional database software and standards.

  • designing and manufacturing of industrial parts and equipment, technological tools such as parts of pumps, compressors, cylinders and different types of impeller and propeller by various materials, shafts and …
  • Technical calculation and planning of different types of powerful industrial gear box for manufacturing of the parts of rotation and power transition systems (shaft, gear, crown wheel, pinion and casing) and manufacturing of complete gear box.
  • Reconstruction and repair of destroyed parts
  • Krone Industriell

This company possesses official ranking of technology within the scope of design and manufacturing of Industrial pumps and Power Plant Equipment. Using reliance upon its executive capability, clear history and available facilities, Krone Industriell (GmbH) systematically includes two capable fully independent departments with these scopes:

  • Department of pumps and fluid handling systems
  • Department of gearbox and power transmission systems

This structure has dramatically increased the company’s capability to act and response quickly and reliably.

The above-mentioned departments are fully independent which intensively operate within the scope of trade and senior management.

  • Department of pumps and fluid displacement systems

The main duty of this department is to design, manufacture, develop technical knowledge of maintenance and operation in the category of high pressure high speed OH6 pumps. According to ANSI/API Standard 610, ‘Single Stage High Speed Integrally Geared Pumps’ are classified under ‘OH6: Overhung Class No6’. The reason why these pumps are used in Industrial pumps is their exclusive process specifications, such as:

  • Different output speeds
  • A large variety of materials
  • Capable of working in different operating powers
  • Assorted configurations of components in sealing area
  • Widely various shapes and impeller dimensions
  • Department of gearbox and power transmission systems

Complete manufacturing and overhaul of different types of gearboxes used in Industrial pumps is achieved in this department. Diverse types of decreasing Cooling Towers Gearboxes, Turbine Pumps Gearboxes, and Planetary Gearboxes, and so forth are considered within the scope of this department.