Research and Development Group

Research and development group of Krone Industriell has a wealth of experience with basic research programs including design of centrifugal integrally geared high speed compressors according to API-614/617 standards and centrifugal integrally geared low flow, high-head pumps based on ISO API-610 standard, a simplified design solution that stands as a superior alternative to traditional designs. The design and implementation is performed according to customer demands which can account to meet industrial process’ BEP-Best Efficiency Point. Krone Industriell has since been recognized for delivering quality engineered, highly reliable pumps and compressors for Industrial pumps, general industry and water processing. This group consists of three sub-departments including hydraulic department, gearbox department, and instrument and accessories department, privileging experts graduated from prestigious universities in the word. One of the most pivotal strategies developed by this group is pursuing progression through addressing reliability enhancement as well as energy and maintenance cost decrease. To accomplish such objectives, optimization and manipulation both in hydraulic and gearbox regions of our production are the main object to deliver reliable service across a wide range of process applications in the Industrial pumps ...

Extremely Low NPSHr Pump using New Technology

Krone R&D experts have got many theoretical and experimental experiences about cavitation erosion damage especially for moderate and heavy duty OH6 pumps due to lack of NPSHA. The new Impeller technology and new design of four bladed inducer is applied to reach extremely low required suction head near to 2 meters by means of reducing vapor cavity and increase stability of the flow stream results in cavitation reduction due to separation at leading edges of each impeller blades and increase inducer head production using new generation of the inducer.

Old Design

New Design

Reduction of Vapor Phase Fraction in New Impeller Design

Old Design

New Design

New 4 bladed Inducer Design and its effect on vapor phase at impeller eye

Achieved new Generation of Impeller and Inducer

The API-610 OH3, OH4, OH5, and OH6 pumps features by new Generation of impeller and inducer, reduces cavitation erosion damage due to low NPSHA result in increasing MTBF from 3 weeks to 2 years.


Krone overhung vertical inline pumps are specially designed for critical number of industries applications where the required pump inlet pressure is near to vapor pressure of the liquid to be pumped. These include:

  • Disposal water injection pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Wash water pumps
  • Condensate pumps